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Women’s HC $55 Ombre $165
Men’s HC $25 Ombre w/o SPC $88
Haircut no Blowout $35 Nectaya-Full $72
Children’s HC (to 12 yrs) $35 Nectaya-Hairline $37
Teen Haircut (to 17 yrs) $45 IQ treatment $16
Blowout $30 House Conditioner $11
Blowout Touch-up $18 Linkage Meu $55
Blowout Package $280 Noirdeupro $110
Partial Upstyle w/blowout $88 Glaze (alone) $28
Upstyle w/blowout $105 Brazilian $225
Full Upstyle $88 Brazilian Touch up $100
Partial Upstyle $66 Brazilian TU & HC $135
Ponytail $60 Bang Brazilian $20
Add Braid $15 GK $225
Add Curls $15 Relaxer $210
Full head of Curls $50 Relaxer Regrowth $165
Single Process Color $60 Perm $138
Add Glaze $15 Bridal: Day of $135
Single Process Few Foils $125 Bridal: Trial $75
Single Process ½ Highlight $190 Flower Girl (until 12 years) $50
Single Process Highlights $220 Make up Application $70
Full Highlight $182 Make up Lesson $85
Half Highlight $143 Costume Make up $50/half hr
Few foils (up to 10) $72 Eye enhancement $38
Lowlights $17 Eyelashes $15
Corrective Color $165 Add extension (full head) $200 & up

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Prior to any chemical services such as permanent waving or color, hair needs to be in the best possible condition. Noiraudepro gives stylists the flexibility and tools to address each clients specific hair conditions prior to the chemical service. Milbon's Noiraudepro addresses the specific needs of damaged and dehydrated and lifeless hair.
What are the specific needs of damaged, dehydrated and lifeless hair?
Keratin is one of the main ingredients of hair. When hair lacks elasticity and strength, Keratin can be added to repair damaged areas and rebuild internal structures. The Noiraudepro Keratin applications come in three different molecular weights to rebuild the various levels of the hair's structure.
CMC is an oil based ingredient in the hair. When hair becomes weakened and dehydrated, it loses CMC which retains the moisture within the hair's cortical layers. By adding CMC, dehydrated and distressed hair is then able to retain moisture and lock in the necessary Keratin.
Collagen is a protein which adds strength and support to skin cells. When applied to hair, it creates a veil on the cuticle's surface which locks in moisture, adds softness and deters frizz.
Chitoaqua & Silk Peptide:
Silk proteins and aloe extract create an even veil of protection on the hair's cuticle to add shine and resistance. These also protect the hair from daily stresses such as thermal styling, UV light and brush friction.
Super moisturizing ingredient for severely damaged hair. Contains the ingredient Ceramid 2 to repair the CMC water pathways to retain moisture inside the hair.

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