Bella Luna Salon was created in 2010 as an answer to a question:  Can a posh salon be as inviting as your own home?  As evidenced by their retention, clients have answered with a resounding “YES!”   

At Bella Luna Salon, everyone feels like family.  This is because the stylists all met while working together over a dozen years ago.  They have been friends and teammates for over a decade, united with the same visions and drives, conquering individual as well as professional goals together.  Their camaraderie, paired with their confidence and knowledge, help to make Bella Luna Salon welcoming and inviting.

The average age of the Bella Luna artist is 28; collectively, however, the staff has over 70 years’ experience.  The oxymoronic combination of youth and experience keeps staff and clients both chic and classic.  Although Bella Luna’s clientele is diverse in age, race, gender and taste, the clients always feel that the stylists have their fingers on the pulse of trends…or rather their fingers on the hair of trends! 

Anyone can be a star; there are billions in the sky.  Bella Luna succeeds in transforming each client into its namesake:  a beautiful moon; one of a kind.

'2013 Long Island Hair Competition Creative Makeup Winners'


Bella Luna:
Sunday: 11-4:30
Tues: 10-8
Weds: 10-6
Thurs: 10-8
Fri: 10-7
Sat: 8-6:30

Phone: (516)801-3730
Fax: (516) 625-4081

Bella Stella Nails:
Sunday: 11-4:30
Tues: 10-6
Weds: 10-6
Thurs: 10-6
Fri: 10-6
Sat: 10-6

Phone: (516)277-2203

121 Mineola ave
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

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